If you would like to speak with any of our references, contact us.

Michael & Bernice, Brookline

“We accepted a very good offer for our condo soon after the very first open house. We wanted to thank you for all your hard work and marvelous aesthetic judgment — we have no doubt that we would never have sold so quickly or at such an exalted price without your help. Thanks SO much!”


Terry Maitland, LandVest, Inc.

“Bravissimo! WE love the staging!”


Nicole Monahan, LandVest, Inc.

“Looks fantastic!!!! We are here now doing photos — what a treat. THANK YOU!”


Ashley Reader, Keller Williams Realty

“I loved working with Silk Purse Design! They are extremely professional and have curated a beautiful assortment of furnishings. I have staged other properties in the past and the results have been nice, but somewhat sterile and obviously staged. The ladies at Silk Purse stage homes to appear as though the home is currently lived in by someone with impeccable taste. The property that they staged for me sold in the first weekend for well over the asking price! I look forward to using them again on my next listing. If you choose to hire these ladies, you will not be disappointed!”


Stephanie & Adam, Newton, MA

“We worked with Irene (Concierge Home Sales) over a two year period to find the perfect home for our family. Irene took the time to get to know us and what we wanted out of our next home — even intuiting things that we probably could not have known ourselves but now love about our new place. When she finally found us the perfect property we had to move quickly, first to put in a winning offer and then to sell our house. Irene guided us through every nerve-wracking moment with her humor, reassurance, and incredible knowledge. Our Concierge Home Sales team of Irene Kerzner and Heidi Wells ensured our property sold for top dollar, bringing in more offers than we ever imagined. Their combined network of contractors enabled us to ready our place quickly and affordably and Heidi's incredible staging truly transformed the space. Heidi's eye for editing, rearranging, and reenergizing a home not only helped us sell our old place, but has also inspired us to put our own creative stamp on the new place. To top it all off, their partnership with Gentle Giants made the far less glamorous aspects of moving much easier to orchestrate. Who would have thought buying and selling a home could be so much fun?! It has been my pleasure to recommend Irene and Heidi to everyone I have met since who is thinking of buying or selling a home. They bring incredible knowledge, artistry, and value — a true dream team!”


Jenny, Brookline, MA

“I am so glad to have sold my home through Irene (Concierge Home Sales), Heidi (Silk Purse Design Group), and their team. They did an amazing job and made everything as hassle-free as they could. Irene was so responsive, knowledgeable, and professional throughout the process. We received 10 offers after a weekend open house and the final price was $85K over our asking price, which was truly a surprise to us! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to sell their house. Thanks again!”

Lori & Adam, Brookline & Wellesley, MA

“Heidi (Silk Purse Design Group) and Irene (Concierge Home Sales) are the best! Irene's calm demeanor and professional attitude, coupled with her deep knowledge of the market enabled us to sell my mother's home in record time, at a record price. We were working under some difficult circumstances, and Irene and Heidi delivered on their promise that they would handle everything in order to make our experience easy — they did. We cannot recommend this team enough. Their care and knowledge and accessibility was invaluable! We've used Silk Purse and Concierge Home Sales twice, there's no doubt we will use them again.”

Jeannie & Gael, Brookline, MA

“We are thrilled with what Silk Purse Design has done for us. They were able to quickly identify small but key improvements to our apartment — something that can be challenging when you have lived in a space for so long — and, most importantly, coordinated with excellent contractors to get the work done. Heidi has natural talent for design and it was a thrill to see the re-decorated space: clean, uncluttered, and attention to details (right down to the photos and books on the shelves and the knitting basket by the couch which gave the space a welcoming, comfortable, lived-in feel). Bottom line: only one open house, and our place was sold! Kudos Silk Purse Design :)”

Judy Paradis, Chobee Hoy Associates

“I saw some of your work this morning as our office previewed this listing. I was struck by the staging and I asked the agent who did it, and lo and behold, it was you. It just reinforces my view that you are really talented.”

Adam, Newton, MA

“Short and sweet — I hired Silk Purse to help me get my house ready for sale. I was traveling a lot for work, going through some personal trauma, and just wanted to fix my house up, and get it sold. I met with Heidi, she outlined what I needed to address, and formulated a rough budget. I gave her a set of keys — and a check, and hoped for the best. I came back — several weeks later — and couldn’t believe the changes, inside and out. By the end of the summer, I returned from another trip, and was blown away. I had never imagined my place could have looked this good. Silk Purse took my house from a very neglected investment, to a “home,” and a place that I really wanted to live. I decided to keep the house — and I couldn’t be happier.”

Ralf & Anjali, Brookline, MA

“Thank you for the fantastic job you put together in staging our home! All the creative details and your thoughtfulness worked to bring out the best of the space. Every corner of the house was enhanced by your eye to detail and the particular, which was simultaneously balanced with your concern for the harmony of the whole. We are so pleased with what you did — your expertise and effort largely influenced the excellent outcome: a very good offer. The services you provide are a great support at the very stressful time of selling a home. We would refer anyone selling their home to you. You run a very useful and ingeniously-organized outfit. It's a terrific business!”

David Vos, former Senior Producer/Director

“Heidi Wells knows houses, building, renovation, and style as well as anyone working today. Whether knee-deep in sawdust as she restores a staircase, willing it back to its original splendor; or updating a finished room with her impeccable taste; Heidi has a deep game and a vast store of house smarts. Heidi doesn't merely make pretty houses, she makes homes beautiful, and she pulls it off with spirited joy and humor and with sensitivity for both the home and its owners, who are lucky to have her gifted attention.”

Carl & Susan, Brookline, MA

“Susan and I would like to thank Silk Purse Design and Concierge Home Sales for all the work they did to stage our condo. The condo looked excellent! The living room looked so much larger and they were right about removing the TV. Our place was extremely popular, we received a total of 16 offers! We are very happy with all the hard work Heidi and Irene did to make that happen.”

Irene Kerzner, Hammond Residential

“When Heidi and her team at Silk Purse take on a property, I know that it will be reflected in the bottom line — plain and simple. I have watched them transform spaces quickly and thoroughly — and what’s best is that clients are left feeling like they have truly been helped. I have seen Silk Purse take on tasks ranging from general contracting to scrubbing sinks before an open house. When they are finished, I know that every detail has been attended to. They make my job easy... I really can’t say enough.”

Manon & Marc, Brookline, MA

Manon: “I am thrilled to be referring Heidi (Silk Purse Design Group) and Irene (Concierge Home Sales) to you. They made everything not just easier but fun! Heidi reused my furniture and space in ways I never would have imagined. My house was transformed into a much more beautiful, welcoming, and convivial space. I strongly believe this beautiful staging not only made our house sale so successful (5 offers in one weekend showing) but quick. Heidi's ability to make a space comfortable and beautiful is amazing. I want to use her in my new home, right away. Why wait till I sell my house!”

Marc: “Pragmatic, authentic, professional, tactful, hardworking, flexible, and tasteful...even brilliant. Those are the words that come to mind when I think of Irene and Heidi (and their crew). They navigated the challenges of improving our interiors and exteriors, of working with our tenant, of meeting deadlines and of being economical with ease and good cheer. It was a pleasure working with them and I look forward to having them set up our new home.”

Erik & Amanda, Newton, MA

“The combination of sales and design is absolutely brilliant! So glad we had the opportunity to take advantage of this innovative service. Our home was staged beautifully and sold in a flurry of offers. We couldn’t be happier — thank you Silk Purse Design Group and Concierge Home Sales!”

Matt & Amy, Brookline, MA

“Everyone at Silk Purse Design and Concierge Home Sales was wonderful to work with from the start. The level of service offered and the attention to every detail along the way made selling our condo in such a short amount of time much less hectic and as painless as possible. Heidi’s vision for staging our condo was spot on, and we honestly feel it added value tenfold. The multiple offers we received after being on the market less than one week were all possible thanks to all the hard work of Heidi, Sue, Michele, and Irene.

We would wholeheartedly recommend the team and their exceptional services to every one of our friends and family members when they are looking to sell their home in the Boston area!”

Marcia, Dedham / Westwood, MA

“Heidi's eye for design and her ability to envision the best for our living space ensured that our staging was a big success. After following her advice, we were able to get multiple offers on our house and sell it quickly. She did a whirlwind job transforming our basement from an overloaded, unorganized storage area to a welcoming living space with great potential. She was not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get the job done.

Heidi creatively used our own furniture in a unique way so we did not incur a lot of expense. She stuck with us during the most difficult preparations for getting the house ready to show and was a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about selling their house or redesigning their living space.”

Barbe Ennis, Ennis, Inc.

“We have had the pleasure of representing Heidi for the last 20+ years. As a Makeup & Hair Stylist with a photography background, she has always had a clear understanding of how color and shape work together, how to simplify a look — and make it appear effortless and beautiful. Clients have come to depend on Heidi, over the years, as a key component to successful advertising campaigns. More than just a stylist — Heidi lends her ability to art direct, to zero in on details, but also to keep mindful of the entire project. We, and our broad client base, have complete trust in Heidi — knowing that she always brings her good-natured, easy-going personality and fabulous eye to each and every project.”