Expertly Preparing Homes for Sale - Silk Purse Design Group

“As the manager of Hammond Residential in Chestnut Hill I had long admired the work that Heidi and her team at Silk Purse Design did to prepare homes for market.

They are particularly good with older homes like mine. And they don’t just bring in furniture, they hang paintings, bring in lights, blankets, etc and completely reimagine the home in a way that has a broad appeal to prospective buyers.

So when it came time for me to sell and move downtown I immediately engaged Heidi/Silk Purse to handle the job of staging and they did a terrific job. I ended up with four offers, two which had no contingencies and I was thrilled.

Prior to the sale, Heidi advised on which rooms to paint, which colors and which items in the house that could stay. We moved out while the home was painted and staged and everything was handled by the team while we were gone.

I highly recommend Heidi and Silk Purse to prepare your home for market.”

“Our home had been on the market for a few months already and we needed to remove our personal furniture out as we were moving into a new home. We knew that the home needed to be staged professionally and with a premium aesthetic to show buyers the value of the condo and the price point we were asking.

Heidi and her team met with us in person to walk through the unit, understand the space, and discuss our design options. They quickly provided us with a comprehensive plan that could be executed immediately in preparation for upcoming open houses and prospective buyer walk-throughs. They seamlessly handled all the logistics from permits to sourcing appropriate furniture and accessories to best fit the space. We appreciated their “can do” attitude and ability to turn around the unit in short notice.

Upon completion of the staging, many brokers and buyers who had previously seen the unit remarked on how great the unit felt and that it did not feel like “staging,” but like someone (with good taste!) actually lived there.

Our home sold within weeks of the staging installation, which we attribute to having it look its best and that the staging delivered the visual value of the home.”

“We accepted a very good offer for our condo soon after the very first open house. We wanted to thank you for all your hard work and marvelous aesthetic judgment — we have no doubt that we would never have sold so quickly or at such an exalted price without your help. Thanks SO much!”

“In the fall of 2021, I made the journey from California back to Newton, Ma, to sell my parent’s home, where I spent my entire childhood. My parents’ home was a gorgeous property in a great location, but it needed some updates, as my elderly parents hadn’t done much in the last few years they lived in the house. We consulted with four Newton real estate agents, all of whom told me the same thing: “Don’t do any work on the house — whoever buys it will do their own remodel. Don’t bother staging it. Most likely, it will be sold to a contractor or developer.” My wife was obstinate that with a little work (but short of a major renovation), we could spruce it up and get a higher return. Outstanding staging by Heidi Wells of Silk Purse Design, absolutely transformed the house into a charming, stylish, and welcoming home, and we sold it for way over our asking price, with more than ten serious bidders on the offer due date! The final sales price was 500k more than the previous agents estimated we would get on the market.”

“Bravissimo! WE love the staging!”

“I loved working with Silk Purse Design! They are extremely professional and have curated a beautiful assortment of furnishings. I have staged other properties in the past and the results have been nice, but somewhat sterile and obviously staged. The ladies at Silk Purse stage homes to appear as though the home is currently lived in by someone with impeccable taste. The property that they staged for me sold in the first weekend for well over the asking price! I look forward to using them again on my next listing. If you choose to hire these ladies, you will not be disappointed!”

“We are thrilled with what Silk Purse Design has done for us. They were able to quickly identify small but key improvements to our apartment — something that can be challenging when you have lived in a space for so long — and, most importantly, coordinated with excellent contractors to get the work done. Heidi has natural talent for design and it was a thrill to see the re-decorated space: clean, uncluttered, and attention to details (right down to the photos and books on the shelves and the knitting basket by the couch which gave the space a welcoming, comfortable, lived-in feel). Bottom line: only one open house, and our place was sold! Kudos Silk Purse Design :)”

“I wanted to thank you for your fantastic staging! You nailed every detail with beautiful art, furniture, and amazing attention to detail. All of the special little touches made every room memorable. We received 12 offers and accepted one for well over ask!”

“We want to thank you for the quality and the incredible personal service you gave us when you created the staging for the sale of our Commonwealth Avenue apartment in June 2021. The apartment overlooking the Commonwealth Mall was filled with light and you developed a staging plan which highlighted that light and the apartment’s openness. You brought furniture and objects which fit the qualities of the apartment perfectly. Your “eye” was so right. The apartment felt roomy and warm and sophisticated. Perfect for a successful sale.

Let me add the details — books in the bookcases; flowers in vases; art on the walls; well-placed pillows and plates — all gave open house visitors a sense of what could be possible. The successful results capture this. We had a three-day open house and we had three offers without conditions and chose one for the sale.

In addition, our decision to do the staging was made very quickly and you were able to respond very soon to set up such quality staging. You moved everything into the apartment. It fit well. It was sophisticated. In short, you made it very easy for us, the sellers.

I thank you for all that help — and recommend you and your colleagues to anyone who needs similar staging for an apartment sale. Thank you so much.”

“Heidi Wells knows houses, building, renovation, and style as well as anyone working today. Whether knee-deep in sawdust as she restores a staircase, willing it back to its original splendor; or updating a finished room with her impeccable taste; Heidi has a deep game and a vast store of house smarts. Heidi doesn’t merely make pretty houses, she makes homes beautiful, and she pulls it off with spirited joy and humor and with sensitivity for both the home and its owners, who are lucky to have her gifted attention.”

“Thank you for the fantastic job you put together in staging our home! All the creative details and your thoughtfulness worked to bring out the best of the space. Every corner of the house was enhanced by your eye to detail and the particular, which was simultaneously balanced with your concern for the harmony of the whole. We are so pleased with what you did — your expertise and effort largely influenced the excellent outcome: a very good offer. The services you provide are a great support at the very stressful time of selling a home. We would refer anyone selling their home to you. You run a very useful and ingeniously-organized outfit. It’s a terrific business!”

“When Heidi and her team at Silk Purse take on a property, I know that it will be reflected in the bottom line — plain and simple. I have watched them transform spaces quickly and thoroughly — and what’s best is that clients are left feeling like they have truly been helped. I have seen Silk Purse take on tasks ranging from general contracting to scrubbing sinks before an open house. When they are finished, I know that every detail has been attended to. They make my job easy… I really can’t say enough.”

“The reception of my new listing at 36 Pinkney Street has been fabulous! People aren’t always sure if it’s been staged or not but then, of course, they ask. One person said, “Yeah, I thought it must be staged… the James Dean pic was a giveaway. Super cool!”

Heidi, it was such a pleasure working with you to get this home pulled together and ready for market. I am such a fan of yours and I’m looking forward to doing many more properties together with you and your team! Thank you!”

“Thank you so much for making our home look so spectacular. We’re struck by all the loving touches — the little girl’s shoes in the kid bedroom is one of my favorites. We got an offer even before the weekend open houses. We couldn’t be happier with the results!”